I have finally made it to Iran! Week 1 in Tabriz and Tehran

7 thoughts on “I have finally made it to Iran! Week 1 in Tabriz and Tehran”

  1. Hi Lisa, I think the scarf really suite you! Glad your having a lovely time and I really enjoy being on the journey with you ( though via my comfortable chair in front of a computer!) Iran people sound really welcoming and amazing! Please take care and look forward to hearing from you soon! Linda and Amy xx


  2. Wow, took me a while to getting round to reading it, but it was worth the wait! Is very interesting to read about your experiences and see the pıcs… I look forward to your next blog! 😀

    Mike x


  3. I’m Iranian and I had the pleasure to see this magnificent country after 15 years. (Grow up in the US) Just wanted to say I enjoyed reading about your visitation, I had a fantastic time during my 3 month stay and am looking forward to visiting every summer!!!


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