Iran Part 2 – Hitchhiking, Deserts, Caves and British Propaganda

3 thoughts on “Iran Part 2 – Hitchhiking, Deserts, Caves and British Propaganda”

  1. Reading your blog makes it more difficult knowing I have to return to work when I could be off travelling. You should being getting paid for your photo-journalism – you could’ve been one of those fig-leaves for the corporate media like John Pilger, to show how balanced they are.

    Nice touch including that link to Mark Curtis too 😉 For anyone who’s English and reading this – read Mark Curtis’s book ‘Web of Deceit’ to see the true scale of the damage your government has done throughout the world in the 20th century! The BBC = Government Propaganda.


  2. Awww you went to the desert! I am *so* jealous! But I will get there eventually… sigh. It’s very very grey here on the island and I am doing my best to hide from Christmas.

    It’s also amazing to me how even anarchist friends are saying things like “bet you’re glad you didn’t go to Iran now!” Well no, I’m not bloody glad!


  3. Reading your blog, i kinda feel happy that for once I heard a non-Iranian saying something nice about Iran. I take pride in where I come from but with the current International relations, it’s not that cool to be Iranian these days. Anyways I kinda do feel jealous that you’ve gone to the deserts and me, an Iranian who lived in Iran for like 15-16 years, haven’t! I don’t know when i’ll be going back, but when I do, I’m heading straight to the deserts. Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂


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