Friendly faces in Kurdistan, Northern Iraq (but where are the women?!)

9 thoughts on “Friendly faces in Kurdistan, Northern Iraq (but where are the women?!)”

  1. wow… I soon will be there too! thanks for all the descriptions.. definitely I´m intrigued 🙂 also great for all the “awakening” about politicshits going on there… a place to see, feel and learn! * Ka


    1. we got invited into a home as soon as we crossed the border into iraq, but we wanted to get to Sulaymaniyah so refused the offer. i don’t think we were invited any other time (or maybe we were but for some reason or another said no). we were only there for a week and didn’t extend our visas to stay longer and really experience the country thoroughly. i asked some of the men “where are all the women?” and i got replies like, “they’re here…you’re just not in the right area”, or “you’re here in the wrong season. in the summer time you see lots of women!”….very vague answers!


  2. A fascinating travelogue…Lisa, you really bring your times in Kurdish Iraq to life – you’ve got to be a brave woman, with all your wits about you: a female dumpster-diving food in a place where you only see males around, and then, bringing it back to cook in the shower – an intriguing read!
    Steve B


  3. Sounds like Azerbaijan, most towns my friend and i went to, we were the only women to be seen on the streets and tea houses!
    what’s your take on KRG? A friend just went there to teach for 5months! i told her if she gets bored, she can always cross into IRAN ;D, (My humor was wasted on her)


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