Finland – The land of a thousand lakes, a million trees and ten million mosquitoes

9 thoughts on “Finland – The land of a thousand lakes, a million trees and ten million mosquitoes”

  1. So nice to read that you love Finland, I do too 🙂 And finish people for sure! Can´t believe you didnt get into the sauna! I also made it as far as Tampere!!! Maybe we will head north one day together 😉
    Sorry to hear about your Nan, smile from the moments of joy you shared with her. ****


  2. That Rainbow wasn’t much of a Rainbow, really… Lovely Rainbow people
    were there, for sure, but we were so small in number (I think the core of
    10 is an exaggeration!), and the Rainbow spirit really seemed to be
    missing. The when-I-see-a-job-it’s-mine spirit, the incredible ability
    people have to take initiative and give and give and give, the workshops,
    the music, the singing… No, just wasn’t truly there. It undeniably is
    hard to create a shining, vibrant Rainbow atmosphere when the number of
    people is so small that the amount of work for each person to be done
    every day, in order for the place to be nice, leaves you in the dilemma
    of working more than you feel like or feeling guilty, when it’s rather
    wet and cold because it’s slightly too late in the season for a
    gathering, when half of the gathering takes refuge in the house for this
    reason, and when such massive amounts of weed is being smoked! I did meet
    some beautiful people there, but it was not a real Rainbow Gathering.


  3. Thank you for this wonderful blog. I LOVE reading it! I am glad to have met you. You are Brilliant! Loads of love and good luck for whatever you do next! wow 🙂 xxx


  4. hey Lisa – this is Alex Jake’s friend..he sent me the link to your blog..i love the photos…st petersburg where I am from is not so far away and seeing your pics of nature reminds of good..and I love moomins!!!


  5. Wow, you’re getting a lot of comments now, aren’t you!? I was a bit behind on your blog, but I just caught up. Funny how I was also picking wild blueberries at the same time as you in another forest a little way South in Estonia! Will try to finish my Baltic blog today. Shame I missed you, but that boat crossing is allegedly impossible to hitch and it was cold enough for me in Estonia.

    Gürüşürüz canım! xx


  6. Lisa! I haven’t been much on a computer but now I finally got to read your entry about Finland. Made me laughed and smile, got so warm feeling of Tuomas’s clover -thing. Good that you are planning to move here with us, already waiting for that 😉 Hugs and tons of love to you! Enjoy the light that you’re carrying with you, it’s really beautiful.



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