An Irritating Itch in Condom: Two weeks in France

6 thoughts on “An Irritating Itch in Condom: Two weeks in France”

  1. Wow Lisa what spectacular adventures!! Balazuc looks sooooo beautiful! And I LOVE your photo of the dead sunflowers, like a metaphor for the beauty in melancholy. Wish I was with you… all sounds so magical (except for the itchy bum part 😉 !! Sending you lots of love… do let me know if you settle anywhere for a few weeks… I need to get out!! xoxox


  2. hahahahaha… aaargh, you have totally scared me off ever using wild plants again as toilet paper!!!
    oh wow, i wish i could be two places at once so i could have discovered southern france with you!
    i’ll email you VERY soon, sorry it’s taken me ages this time!


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