Peace, Love and Dysentery: life as a hippie in Spain

9 thoughts on “Peace, Love and Dysentery: life as a hippie in Spain”

  1. Shelob, you are the coolest person I know!
    Shame you didn’t get to Morocco; I think you’d love the place.
    … and sorry to hear your bad luck about the mud and illness.
    Take care you! Hope to catch you soon…
    Love and light! M x


  2. yes hun i agree…morocco at this time of year would be lush and it would be easy to lose the hippies in one of those busy bazaars! I finally booked a flight to India. Sorry about things going wrong in Spain, I think it’s just the time of year I found the same thing last time i was there, it’s much nicer from Mid jan onwards…see you sometime my lovelee…miss you x x x


  3. It’s amazing how close we are as people and how far apart we sometimes are,
    The world is surely small, its good to see you and Karina together, we met in Georgia last year and it turns out me and her have a mutual friend in INDIA! 😀


  4. i am thinking of just leaving everything and going on a 1-way adventure starting from gibraltar. Anyone have any tips pleeease?


  5. ahaha I have in plan gather to a Rainbow Family this year…maybe in Poland, Hungary (will take place the World Rainbow Gathering) or even Romania, where starting with middle of July will be held The European Rainbow Gathering ..=)


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