Georgia and Armenia: The Wrong Time Of The Year To Visit The Caucasus!

12 thoughts on “Georgia and Armenia: The Wrong Time Of The Year To Visit The Caucasus!”

  1. Awwww, how funny to read this and see my ruddy cold face so soon after you have left us! I am still over two months behind on my blog. Better get writing on my shiny new laptop which just arrived today.

    That picture of us “looking Soviet” creased me up. I can’t even remember that happening!


  2. Totally disagree with you that winter is not the good moment to visit Armenia… I loved Aremenia soooo much in winter (as well as Turkey, especially the kurdish part and Wan (Van) under the snow. But maybe it is because I truely love the cold and the snow. Maybe more than any summer sun.


  3. like yourself i have travelled half way round the world and back, and seen many beautiful sights, but it seems to me that i have yet to find anything yet that compares to Scotland!!!


  4. Sad to hear about what you witnessed at the roadside “cafe.” The story about your encounter with an old woman moved me. What do you think €2.50 means to an average local? How much does a meal at a mid-ranged restaurant cost, for example?


    1. thanks for the comment 🙂 I don’t know what the price of food is in a restaurant, as I am usually travelling on a really tight budget 😀 In Georgia, i tend to eat a lot of bean pasties, which are probably about 20 cents each. The old lady was trying to sell sunflower seeds, and i didn’t want them, but she insisted on giving me a load after i gave her the money.
      Although I have been to Georgia twice, I still know very little about the culture or any hardships…my first visit was clouded by chacha (Georgian alcohol) and the second visit was sober but all too brief.
      But I would realllly recommend a visit to beautiful Georgia!


  5. Hehe! I’m somehow glad to see we are not the only ones wondering how did we think of hitchhiking in this part of the world in the wrong time of the year…my eyes think that the white scenery is worth the cold, my frozen feet do not agree. Happy travels!


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