Ghost Towns of Turkish Kurdistan

4 thoughts on “Ghost Towns of Turkish Kurdistan”

  1. Hey Sistar!
    I love all those places and its great to get you comments and humanistic approach to them!
    I’ve now crossed Mexico from south to north and there is so much of the same… culture being lost and overtaken!

    love ya! carefull with so many babies intentions send out to you 😉


  2. 🙂 thanks, once again for your blogs… Man I am DREEEAMING of turkey right now!! Was good to see you in Brighton the other day, shame it was so brief. Thanks for you inspiration. Much much appreciated! xx


  3. Many years ago in South America myself and my travelling companion had similar experiences with people upset at our childlessness.
    We quickly decided to just say we had kids and that they were staying with her sister. Eventually we ended up just adding one child to the total every time we were asked (starting again with 2 every time we got to a new town). I think we got to 11 once… which was met with great approval and a lot of smiles.

    Please keep up the blogging; it’s lovely to read your adventures 🙂

    Martin xx


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