From Cynicism To Buddhism

4 thoughts on “From Cynicism To Buddhism”

  1. Nice blog post. For me there are two key elements to the state of being towards which I am trying to work.
    The first, as you said, is to break down my view of myself as a unique individual who is separate from everyone else.
    The second is to retain a sense of responsibility, to realise that being an individual on this worldly plane provides us with an opportunity to act.
    In a way, this leads us back to the consideration of the individual and our potential as such. We have to clear our minds of the selfishness within, in order to access that authentic core, to be ourselves in a way that goes far beyond superficial traits like “personality” in the shallow sense.
    When we get past a certain age, therefore (30 in your case?), we have to leave the path we’d followed until then, of differentiating ourselves from others. Jung’s worth reading on this – individuation and then the second life task of becoming part of the Whole again. (Buddhism was his favourite religion!)
    Once we have become that clear and authentic person we then, I believe, have a duty to use that person, with its ability to act on the worldly level, for the benefit of the planet.
    In this way, Buddhism and other Eastern traditions do not naturally lead us to the quietism of non-involvement in the world, but to a renewed commitment and courage to act for the greater good, made more powerful by the fact that we are no longer distracted by selfish motivations and the notion that our individuality, with its material interests, is something we have to “protect at all costs”, to use your words.
    Thus for me, spirituality of a Buddhist kind (I’m not specifically a Buddhist, as you know) and anarchism work perfectly together and are in fact two aspects of the same way of being. One without the other is incomplete, like yin without yang.


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