The Land Is Ours! Wild Camping in the Wye Valley

9 thoughts on “The Land Is Ours! Wild Camping in the Wye Valley”

  1. No way for me practising wild camping in UK !!! I’m too afraid by mice. I’d like afford bears and wolves in Romania πŸ˜‰
    Seriously… Nice post. I ignored that wild camping wasn’t legal in UK ! Legal in France : you can go back and re visit us…


  2. Nice stories. Of course I love that the rainbows could invite the police to the talking circle and make it all peacefull.. As I’m sure Ken learn something… And I got very curious if he went to get them out of the new location…. Beautiful pics and camping spots…


  3. Nice… I love how the rainbows invited the police to the talking circle… I’m sure Ken learned something that day.. And I got really curious if he went to get them on the new location… Love pics beautiful camping places xoxo Karina


  4. Ta for sharing your insights into the Rainbow gathering, I like reading your words about it. It must be strange to be in a place where everything is supposed to be so democratic, yet you end up feeling isolated in your views and unable to communicate or express them. It does still sound lush though, and the Wye Valley sounds AMAZING! Glad that you find hitch hiking in the UK so easy – I’ve never had any luck with it myself, but you have re-kindled my faith in the British people for showing kindness to strangers! Katie. X


  5. Wild camping in Scotland is simply the best, i hear in Wales a land owner can shoot at you for trespassing on his land 😦
    You are right Lisa, the 1% owns 70% of the land in Britain, and you’re supposed to get permission from them, which is sad
    Thanks for sharing another lovely post from you πŸ˜€


  6. The Wye Valley is a beautiful area, great that you got out and experienced it so thoroughly. And, as for the mice, you are totally right; I am currently in Canada and camping out around a fire in the summer. We thought we heard a bear coming through the nearby trees, but it turned out to be a mouse :/


  7. I’m confused, did you really just complain about badly tended or blocked public footpaths in one breath while lamenting the fact that some people have the gall to own fields and woodlands with your next? Some of live out here you know…Who do you think pays to maintain the paths, hedges, fields and woodlands? Perhaps you don’t realise that NONE of the landscapes that you’ve described along the Wye valley are actually natural and that someone needs to come along and clear up your after your campfires and fill in your death trap latrines once you’ve returned to Brighton. Before you dismiss this as the rant of a member of the landowning classes I will point out that in my lifetime I have personally propogated /planted over half a million trees in order to kickstart wilding. ‘Greener than you dude so try to bear in mind it’s not a theme park for you to play in


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