Brighton to Beijing overland part 3 – Siberia and Lake Baikal

9 thoughts on “Brighton to Beijing overland part 3 – Siberia and Lake Baikal”

  1. Waoh !!! One mile deep !!! I would let inside some bubbles in scuba diving 😉
    Nice contrast between the splendid pictures of the landscape and the rubbish…


  2. Wow love the nature pics.. Im already getting itchy about going there too! Soo amazing that all the ties in the trees is exactly the same in mexico tradicions which i qas just living and learning about! I eant to go there and conect.. What the hell with the people on the cages in the train?? No idea.. Where can i read about it?? Keep enjoying looove


  3. Hi,

    that s a wodnerful blog. thanks for the feedback and the tips.
    I m preparing the same journey with Thom my husband.
    We re trying to book a transsiberian ticket.
    I had read that could get a bed in the “general” shared room for less than 100$. Do you have any info on how to buy them ? I can t find them on the English website for transsiberian tickets?
    Many thanks in advance for the response
    All the best


    1. Hi Camille!
      thanks for reading.
      The Seat 61 website explains how to book tickets. We used the Real Russia website to book the tickets. You have to pay for each ‘leg’ of the journey separately: you pay for a new ticket every time you stop in a city and then get onto a different train. So we booked separate tickets for:
      1) Moscow to Omsk
      2) Omsk to Krasnoyarsk
      3) Krasnoyarsk to Irkutsk

      All of our beds were 3rd class beds.

      I think it’s cheapest to stay on the train all of the way from Moscow to Vladivostok!

      Let me know if you need more information.


  4. Hi, 3 fellow college students and I are planning a trans-siberian trip in July. We only have 32 hours in Krasnoyarsk and I was wondering what you would do with such a limited amount of time. We were hoping to see the lake. Its sad to hear that the shore line suffers so much littering, but you can be sure that we will treat the lake with respect. Thanks


    1. hi chris, krasnoyarsk is a friendly city. if you need somewhere to stay, we thought granada hostel was really great..the couple who run it are so lovely! we only had about the same amount of time in krasnoyarsk, and we went to Stolby National Park – a beautiful forest with amazing rock formations. you can go there and come back in a few hours. (i can’t remember which bus you get).
      Lake Baikal is near İrkutsk, so you have to jump on the train again. At Baikal, if you want to go where no tourists go, then spend some time on the eastern shore. otherwise, head to the places that i wrote about. (we camped on olkhon island, which was a good few hours but ride from irkutsk, i think). in the summer you can camp on the beach anywhere, no problem.
      if you have any other questions, feel free to ask.


      1. Oh wow, I mis-typed. I meant to say İrkutsk. Too much planning and not enough sleeping. 🙂 We are in fact going to both cities. Stolby is another destination that we are excited about. I’ve heard from many people that the rock formations are incredible. Thanks for the advice. I hope we will have time to make it to a more secluded shore on the lake. I hear that it can be pretty crowded this time of year in Listvyanka (the place we made initial reservations to stay in). Maybe we will be a little more adventurous and see where the road takes us. Thanks again for your time


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