Brighton to Beijing overland part 4: The green grass of smiley Mongolia

7 thoughts on “Brighton to Beijing overland part 4: The green grass of smiley Mongolia”

  1. good to read your take on it. Building boom, Camel feets and mineral mining contrasting hospital people, enormous landscapes and fluffy clouds. I rarely do see them as this, maybe from a plane over australia last I remember.


  2. Great pics, love the green and flowers surprising! wow! Shitty shitty whats happening with all the mining and corporations there, thanks for teaching us about it! looove


  3. I’ve been searching for info about hitchhiking across Monglia. I’m resting the winter in Almaty, working a bit, gathering resources for the Spring/Summer… I started hitching from Singapore October 2018. Hopefully I will cross the Gobi in May 2020… Im hoping to avoid the rugged hot of mid summer. You seemed to be unaffected by it in August, so thats reassuring. Many said that there were no roads and therefore very difficult to hitch. After reading this, its given me enough detail to know the shit is possible and damn right Im going for it. Luckily now, got the maps galore and translator apps (although despite having this stuff it still did not help much in China lol). Anyways, thanks for sharing… Hope you are still ravishing the road hitching … we are all built to roam 🙂

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    1. hi steve, go for it! you’ll have an amazing time, and people will help you out. as long as you are equipped with better maps than we were, you’ll be fine! i’d be interesting to know how you get on 🙂


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