The beauty and the beastliness of Yunnan province, China

8 thoughts on “The beauty and the beastliness of Yunnan province, China”

  1. I agree about the touristy bit when i discovered Casavieja in Spain the locals begged not to bring loads of tourist to the village because house prices would rise


  2. Oh no, I’m heading to China in a week and I’m worrying about the same things you’ve expressed.. 😦 Gonna try to pop over to the far far west and hope for the best. Have you been?


    1. hi olivia, do you mean to Tibet or the west of China? the most west i went was to Yunnan, unfortunately. i would have loved to explore more. have an amazing time and enjoy the lovely food and friendliness 🙂 x


      1. hey Lisa,
        by far west I mean Xinjiang province in China, and near the borders of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyztan (hopefully! No concrete plans so far.. or ever, really). I was hoping to get out and away into nature, but from what I’ve been reading about China so far it seems like it’s not easy to do that – but I’m determined to try!
        Love your blog, keep it up xx


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