Thunderstorms in Thakek, temples in Champasak and burnout in Kratie!

4 thoughts on “Thunderstorms in Thakek, temples in Champasak and burnout in Kratie!”

  1. Sending strength and love Lisa you brave and beautiful woman. Once you are back and feel like travelling again my house and me are here welcoming you to relax in spain


  2. “I wonder what the hell am I doing here”: exactly my thoughts just over a week ago. After spending over 45 hours on buses and trains within one week traveling through Southern China, by the time I reached Laos I was beat. That all encompassing gloom had me in its grip too…I just wanted to be alone and not go anywhere. Unfortunately it got to me before I had a chance to see much of Laos or appreciate its people and beauty! I’m in north Thailand now recovering in a quiet spot πŸ˜‰


    1. I think the moral of the story for both of us on these travels in South East Asia is: Travel Slower!! I hope you’re recovering well and enjoying the amazing Thai food xx


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