More reflections on being alone: Hiking the Carian Trail (part 3 )

7 thoughts on “More reflections on being alone: Hiking the Carian Trail (part 3 )”

    1. thanks david. i have one more blog post to write about the carian trail…it suddenly became amazing!! (i am a few weeks behind on my blog-writing and i took a bus from london to sofia and then istanbul after my friend’s funeral and continued the trail). i will write it soon.


  1. I have read your blogs and the comments of other as I sit in Iclemer thinking about the Carian Trail and the challenges you faced. Did you ever go back and walk it after returning from your friend’s passing? Thank you for writing and inspiring us all…🙏🏻


    1. Hi Zed,
      I really need to update my posts about the Carian Trail! I did go back and I walked the section to Bodrum, and it was by far the best section, with nature rivalling the best parts of the Lycian Way. I loved that section and I highly recommend it! unfortunately I never got round to writing about it. It looks like there’s another section that’s been added since I walked it!


  2. Hi Liza , only just found this blog after looking for the icmeler to turunc walk , glad i did .What a great read ! your adventures are full of interesting and funny experiences . I will be doing my little trek in April 2019 . i must say the end of part 3, i shed a little tear for you and your friend Karen ;( . Regards, Mike x

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