Travels in Rojava (part 1): Cizîrê canton

11 thoughts on “Travels in Rojava (part 1): Cizîrê canton”

  1. “Don’t expect things here to go your way. It is important to understand the culture and philosophy behind this new emerging society. Things here might be done differently from the way you’re used to.”
    Thank you so much for sharing this Lisa, it’s quite refreshing that a democratic society like Rojava can exist in isolation while surrounded by other societies almost intent on destroying one another and those who don’t stand for ‘their’ beliefs and ideology

    It’s still one of my plans to travel with you some day 🙂


  2. Good read, how was every thing over there running ( electricity, water, garbage. Would like to go, was it hard to get across the border.


  3. Hi! How much did it cost travelling to Rojava? I would be interested, however I’m a little scared about costs and, especially, safety


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