Hiking the Te Araroa trail, New Zealand: Part 1

8 thoughts on “Hiking the Te Araroa trail, New Zealand: Part 1”

    1. hi! what a great comment! i saw the demonstration advertised in auckland a few weeks ago. i’d really love to go…but at the moment i can’t even walk 😦
      lots of solidarity to all anti-militarists!

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  1. I hope your knee heals soon. It sounds like tendonitis, which is extremely painful. I’ve had it on the top of a mountain, and was excruciating to try and make my way down, as I too couldn’t straighten my leg.
    I hope you both enjoy the rest of New Zealand.


    1. hi aaron,
      thanks for the comment. i thought it was tendonitis at first, but i went to the doctor, who believes that it’s a torn meniscus (cartilage). so i still don’t know if/when i can hike the rest of the Te Araroa. on the plus side, i’m seeing beautiful places that are not on the trail!


  2. What an amazing start to your journey on the Te Araroa Trail!

    I love your descriptive and informative writing, and your lovely photos – a breath of fresh air in this increasingly egocentric travel blogger world!

    – Sapphire


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