Hiking the Te Araroa trail in New Zealand: Part 2

9 thoughts on “Hiking the Te Araroa trail in New Zealand: Part 2”

  1. You suck big time…that is what i concluded after wasting 2minutes of my life reading this shit.
    Bye bye..never read you again and hopefully never see you


  2. We just completed that section, the average age of the 3 of us Kiwi’s was 64yrs and we took 13 days, carrying all that food, we went from South to north..more or less one hut-one day, getting a bunk no problem as we were going “against the flow of Traffic” so to speak… we left early, at each hut before noon … all was down to good planning on our part !!!


    1. hi pip,
      thanks for the comment. i think we did the section in nine or ten days in the end, but it was good to carry the extra food to have the option to wait out bad weather.

      generally we walked two huts per day. since doing the section i have spoken to other hikers and the richmond range wasn’t as crowded when they hiked one week later.

      we’re about to do the arthurs pass section…i’m dreading the rivers!!!


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