Hiking the Te Araroa in New Zealand: part 3

3 thoughts on “Hiking the Te Araroa in New Zealand: part 3”

  1. Great account of your walk! I start the South Island on Monday having just finished the North. In defence of a few points, crossing the Ads River is “straight forward” in normal flow, as with most rivers in NZ. Also I think you have to appreciate what an ecological nightmare NZ faces with introduced pests. Whether it be hunters (killing game for what ever reason) or “poison in pradise” (poisoning is the most efficient and safest method we have for pest control) you have to appreciate that a whole lot of animals are going to have to die if we want even the remotest chance of saving our native flora and fauna. True, in an ideal world we wouldn’t have to kill any animal in the bush, to advocate no killing is to support the destruction of NZ’s unique ecosystem by wasps, possums, deer, rats, mice, weasels, goats,ferrets, stats, ferrel cats, hedgehogs….It’s a nightmare out there for our native birds. Enjoy the rest of your hike!


  2. We are a couple traveling in Asia with a low budget and just found your blog. So great hitchhiking stories and tips! We are currently in Cambodia and considering if we should try hitchhiking here. Maybe we will dare to try with your tips 🙂


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