Hiking the Cape to Cape Trail, Australia

11 thoughts on “Hiking the Cape to Cape Trail, Australia”

  1. Nobody calls it black boy these days. We learnt at school 20 years ago that it’s a grass tree. There is re-education at schools these days to change the name,


      1. Hmm that’s very strange if they still call it that in the book. I know the older generation still call it that out of habit (like my parents for example) but most under 30 would have learnt grass tree.


  2. Great photos! I want to do this hike in early November – but planning already! This might be a silly question, but I like to hike with a hammock are there many stretches with no decent sized trees? I didn’t take the hammock on Larapinta because I was worried I might have trouble finding trees to hang from is some spots. Thanks!

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    1. hi Sarah Jayne,
      sorry – I only just saw this comment! I think you’d be fine with a hammock. A lot of the trees are low, though – tea trees – but I think you’d be ok. There’s definitely many more trees than on the Larapinta..!


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