Hiking Finland’s Karhunkierros Trail (Bear Trail)

8 thoughts on “Hiking Finland’s Karhunkierros Trail (Bear Trail)”

  1. Hi Lisa. Chrys here, Sharon and I gave you a lift in 2018 to Laura in North Queensland for the Laura Indigenous Dance Festival. I enjoyed your blog about the SNT. Did you hike the Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory?

    Regards Chrys.



    1. Hi Chrys,

      Wow, what a lovely surprise! I still think about Australia a lot, and if visas weren’t an issue, I’d be living there now.

      Yes, we hiked the Larapinta. It was incredible! If you look through my posts on Australia, you’ll come to a couple about the Larapinta.

      I also wrote about the Laura Festival in the blog post Learning About Australia.

      I hope you and Sharon are well and that you weren’t affected by the fires.


  2. Hello.

    How nice to read that you hiked it! I hiked it when being young and later the shorter route about 13 km. Thank you for this lovely post. Our favorite hiking place is Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. I have made many posts from it.

    Have wonderful day!

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  3. Very interesting, thanks. Never thought of hiking in Finland, mainly because I’ve been there on business and everything seemed so expensive! But this free huts look great. Not sure about the mossies though 😉


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