My first thru-hike with a dog! Hiking & wild camping the Loch Ness 360

9 thoughts on “My first thru-hike with a dog! Hiking & wild camping the Loch Ness 360”

  1. Nice to see your smiley face!

    You mention you ate a lot of wood sorrel. You have to be careful about that:

    “Oxalis literally means “sour” and it gets that name from its oxalic acid content.

    Lots of domesticated vegetables, including spinach, broccoli, and, um, sorrel, also contain oxalic acid. But be aware that oxalic acid can be toxic when consumed in large quantities because it inhibits the absorption of calcium.

    It’s not considered a problem when eaten moderately and with a varied diet, however people with gout, rheumatism, and kidney stones should avoid oxalic acid.”


  2. Brilliant read. Me and Joe the Cocker set out to walk the GGW and the Loch Ness 360 in March. We only completed the GGW and plan to walk the south side of Loch Ness next year. Have a look at our blog about the Great Glen Way if you like at 🐾🐾👍


    1. thanks for reading! if you complete more thru-hikes with Joe, let me know. am wondering about the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path sometime, or the Cumbrian Way..


  3. Absolutely amazing read! I too am doing this exact trail in less than a weeks time! I’m looking forward to it. Thankyou for the helpful pointers you added to your content. It’s a definite help for me when scouting camping spots. 🙂


        1. it’s an easy one to do in the rain, so you’ll be ok 🙂 I just finished the Snowdonia Way and had blazing heat for five out of seven days. I realised that I’m a warm weather hiker!

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