Solo hiking & wild camping the Snowdonia Way

5 thoughts on “Solo hiking & wild camping the Snowdonia Way”

  1. I have swapped hitch hiking for cycling long distance, wandering if you could recommend any overnight hikes for a beginner? love reading your blog, you remindering me why i camp and go on adventures especially when just had not so good one!


    1. hi joel, oh no! what was your not so good experience? I don’t really do overnight hikes..i either do day hikes or really long distance multi-day ones 😀

      for one week hikes that are pretty easy i would recommend the Snowdonia Way or the Lochness 360 up in Scotland.

      are you on social media? i just opened an instagram account – aimless.hitchhiker

      thanks a lot for reading my writing!


  2. Thanks for writing this up! Did you hike this in May? Or just post about it in May? Wondering what the scenery might look like end of May/early June…


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