Bogs, beaches and bombs on the Hebridean Way

7 thoughts on “Bogs, beaches and bombs on the Hebridean Way”

  1. Do you really become a tril’s stakhanovist ?
    I can’t believe that.
    Anyway, blog’s always funny and beautifully written.
    Hope to see you one day in Ardèche.
    Nemo me impune lacessit

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    1. Sorry I didn’t make it to Ardèche last week 😦 I am hoping to come back to France again in a month or two, if you will let me stay then!


  2. Oh dear 😅 I‘m going to walk the Hebridean Way this summer and I have to admit, your blog was quite disheartening. Perhaps I should‘ve picked any other trail but it‘s too late now.


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