The time of my life on the GR20: part 2

5 thoughts on “The time of my life on the GR20: part 2”

  1. Good gosh Corsica looks amazing! I’ve just read your part 1 too. What an amazing trail! I would love to do this in the future, although I definitely would have to train for it! Looks tough!


    1. Hi Anna, thank you for reading 🙂 Yes, it’s a tough trail, but people of all abilities completed it. I would recommend doing some long distance hikes where you get used to being exposed to heights. Or if you’re a climber, you will find the trail much easier than non-climbers!


  2. Sorry to hear you were I’ll but it looks like you still managed to have an amazing time. Your new friends sound like fun. Hope you all manage to stay in touch


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