My eight-day thru-hike of the Peaks of the Balkans

4 thoughts on “My eight-day thru-hike of the Peaks of the Balkans”

  1. Hey Lisa! This looks amazing, will have to try and do it someday. Thanks for posting!
    Your sickness travails remind me of when I did the Himalayas in Nepal. Night before the trek started, got the Delhi Belly BAD.
    Didn’t want to let my wife down, so rather than complain, just got on with it. In retrospect, not a great decision, as was so ill by the time we reached the first camp that we got stuck there for days as I was too ill to move or even to go back down! Ended up being taken to see a “doctor” up there, inside a tiny Buddhist temple, which at least was an experience I ordinarily wouldn’t have had the pleasure of living, so in the end I’ll take it.
    I hope you’re well now. By the way, I remember I forgot to reply to your previous question about where I’m living these days. Reims, France. Nothing exciting, just working as a teacher.

    Take care my friend! x

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    1. aaah, i am reading this comment while travelling through France!! i’ll be coming back up sometime to northern france in the next month – we should meet up. If you have instagram, find me on there – @thruhikes
      If not then email me your number, though i don’t really check emails these days!


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