hitchhiking and dumpster diving into 2011…

The anti-capitalist journalist, John Pilger, says that politics in Britain has one meaning:

“The replacement of democracy with a business plan for every human activity, every dream, every decency, every hope, every child born.”

And Chris McCandless quoted in the film, Into The Wild, that “careers are a twentieth century invention and I don’t want one!” With these two quotes in mind,  I will carry on experiencing life without conforming to people ‘s expectations. It has amused me (and irritated me, too) that in Germany and in England the first question that people ask me is “so, what do you do?” I have come up with all sorts of amusing answers to that question since I gave up my “career”.  To me, it is ridiculous that a career (probably producing consumerist-tat that no-one needs, or working in a brain cell-killing office job) is seen as the benchmark in monitoring human worthiness.

Because I live without much money, two things are essential to me: hitchhiking and dumpster diving (or skipping).
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