Brighton to Beijing Overland part 2: Misery on the Trans-Siberian Railway

Joy on the Trans-Siberian...

Joy on the Trans-Siberian…

I’m stuck in a hospital ward with 53 other people, all laying on pristine white sheets in the broad daylight, their bare feet sticking out of the ends of the beds. I am trapped. Trapped amongst their smells and snores and stares. The matron has locked the doors so that I can’t get out. I wonder if I will go insane here.

This hospital ward is also known as the Trans-Siberian Railway. We are travelling in 3rd class from Moscow and we’re on our first leg, travelling to a random Russian city called Omsk, 41 hours and 2716km from the Russian capital.

“I’d LOVE to do the Trans-Siberian!” was the response we got from absolutely everyone when we told them of our plans. People seem to have a romantic vision of this journey. Luckily I didn’t, or I would have been bitterly disappointed!