Compassion, fascism and CCTV: rediscovering England

8 thoughts on “Compassion, fascism and CCTV: rediscovering England”

  1. Great Lisa, I love your description of the UK, its definitely not London only rather the opposite!
    Have missed your posts, miss you. Am in Bombay now, will email an update
    Anna xx


  2. Good points Lisa! I also agree that still many nice people in England and I was also surprised positively while hitchhiking. Although people do are missing more awareness about themselves and the world. How is the summer smash edo going? *


  3. Lisa!! Your observations mirror mine! Being back in the UK is an enlightening but not negative experience. I have also found, and quite heartbreakingly so, how many people are so angry here. Bitterness embeds itself in their faces. Pain, resentment and anger seem to be eating away at them. We appear to live in a country where money and acquisition of the latest gadget take precedence over happiness. I feel inspired to do something but don’t know what!? When’s your next hitchhiking trip? Take me with you!! lots of love Xx


  4. Hi Lisa! A fascinating blog – if you don”t mind me saying, a great piece of writing ! The verbal exchange with the driver who said he was a sniper, was so, so funny! And yet, i have also met crazies like this guy! I also feel that what you say about ‘neo-liberal’ capitalist politics and the effect it has of turning people against one another and breaking down the caring and sensitive avenues of human communication, is so true. I really appreciate the way you tend to mix the horror of our world with the softening smile of humour – our greatest emotional defence mechanism. Only by always believing in the deeper beauty, magic and wonder of our world, and not losing our inner faith in being able to see this and encourage it in all the wonderful creatures of creation, does our life retain its vivid colour and special meaning. Loadsa Love X Steve B


  5. I also felt this way about England and hitch-hiking in England… until the last couple of weeks happened. Now, for some reason, people here are once again being bitter and mean at me, refusing me lifts very rudely and even complaining to service station management that a stranger outside is *speaking* to people!

    Bring back Turkey! 😦


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