The dark, dark mountains of Cévennes

3 thoughts on “The dark, dark mountains of Cévennes”

  1. Nice 🙂 I too have hitched a lot around france. ALWAYS a pleasent experience. And like you, one I was also stuck on the side of a mountain trying to feel my way down in the dark. MAN it was so damn dark that we had to CRAWL on our hands and knees to find our way! But I tell you what, it was really amazing how it opened extra-senses.

    Always good to read your blogs Lisa 🙂

    And it seems that I am going back to Turkey in May! Maybe see you there??

    Big love,
    Mike xx


  2. Yes Lisa, I think it was a little bit late to make it…
    At least, you both had a good experience. I’m waiting for you to give you new printed maps to lose yourself in a new mountain. We have so much of them here! Always a pleasure to host and lose you 😉

    Françoise and Denis


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