48 hours in Phnom Penh (part 2): a dinner date with the Filipino Mafia

6 thoughts on “48 hours in Phnom Penh (part 2): a dinner date with the Filipino Mafia”

    1. hi David,

      thanks for worrying!

      yes, in some ways i think i was naive, but i also think it’s a beautiful quality to be open to meeting people.

      i have experienced such kindness through hitchhiking and hiking: for many years i have been accepting invites into homes, and this is the first time that something (potentially) bad has happened to me.

      but i think the experience will make me a little more wary when someone invites me to their home – although i hope i don’t get too wary and suspicious!

      these scammers are absolutely AMAZING actors and they go to a lot of effort to try and scam people – i spent a few hours with them in total! they cooked me dinner etc…they even have fake homes set up to take tourists to! (They’re very different to people who try to scam travellers with fake bus tickets etc).

      thanks for reading the blogpost 🙂


  1. After your card playing experience, you now know your judgement and view of being able to look at a person and decide what type of person they are is flawed. Perhaps you should now go back and review your opinion of all those dirty old white men that you say are hanging around waiting to latch on to young girls.. I’m speaking on behalf of myself and many other men that have lived in Cambodia many, many years.


  2. “Looking back, though, I wonder whether they were scowling because they knew that another victim was being led into the house.” Little miss, you are naivity on two legs. Go home.


  3. She is not naive at all. She is very astute and the fact that she got out of this situation so quickly without any personal harm shows what a smart woman she is.


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