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  1. I met a freegan in Missoula, Montana and she let me watch her do a dive. It was great. I think the best part of travel is meeting new, wonderful people, natch. That and sleeping in piles of trash waiting for the lettuce to get dumped on you. Chomp. Chomp. Chomp. Your writing is good! Best of luck in your travels!


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  3. Really nice blog. I do a lot of dumpstering myself and would love to get to know others who share this, it is quite hard to find people with the same commitment. You have my email so please write back if you are interested in staying in touch.


    1. Hi Tuk,
      I dumpstered in Turkey because they have huge supermarkets, many of which are large corporations (the supermarket Kipa, for example, is owned by Tesco), and sometimes their bins are easy to get to. I also dumpstered in Iraqi Kurdistan, but I couldn’t find the bins at the big supermarkets, so dumpstered at closing time at the street markets. People thought I was crazy, but if you don’t mind everyone staring at you, it’s perfectly possible to get edible food 🙂

      For some reason I didn’t even try to dumpster in Iran…I am not sure why! Maybe because there were no visible supermarkets….or maybe I thought that it might draw police attention to me. I am unsure!

      I was just in Oslo, Norway, and was very disappointed by my dumpster finds: junk food that I would never put into my body in a million years! (OR maybe it’s a GOOD sign that change is happening: the healthy vegetables were nowhere to be seen, and the nasty junk was in the bin!)


  4. Nice thoughts! You are an idealist, too, dreaming to your utopian world..

    How can we talk privately?
    Soon I`ll hitch the road, I’m in a continuously wandering state, so you`d help me with some answers. Thanks, Miha


  5. Hey Lisa, my name is Andras. I was thinking of hitchhiking, but I would start after some good and long planning. How much money would I need to keep with me at all times? What do you recommend?


    1. hi Andras, sorry, i only just saw this comment. It completely depends on what you feel comfortable with. I have mostly hitchhiked because I don’t have money: so I would only be carrying 10 euros on me maximum! Others need more security than that to feel safe. Have an amazing time on the road 🙂


    2. Hi Andras, So sorry about the very slow reply! I guess that depends on how comfortable you feel with travelling without money. I have travelled on around 2 euros per day, with barely anything. But other people need to feel much more safe than that. I don’t ever carry cash these days… But also I guess that depends what country you’re travelling in and whether you can pay by card.


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